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Need a Christchurch Tree Surgeon?

Welcome to Aborist Christchurch Tree Services! We specialize in providing a wide range of tree care services to our clients in the Christchurch area. Our team of experts have years of experience in the field and are dedicated to providing quality service that you can rely on.

That is why Aborist Christchurch Tree Services employs highly trained professionals with at least ten years of experience in the field. We are committed to delivering the finest tree and garden care to our clients.

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In addition to tree trimming, pruning, storm damage repair, and hedge trimming, we also offer stump removal. If you want to keep your trees healthy and looking great, our Tree Protection Services are perfect for you. We have a wide range of services that will suit your every need.

Not only that, but our staff and firm are proud of the finest possible services. We are humbled and delighted to be Christchurch’s leader in tree removal, and we are dedicated to delivering high-quality service to our clients.

Our company is called Christchurch Tree Surgeon because we know trees inside and out. We handle them with care and protection, from root to tip. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation. Thank you for choosing Christchurch Tree Pros!

What is a Christchurch Tree Surgeon?

Arboriculture, which is the practice, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants in dendrology and horticulture, is what a tree surgeon (or arborist) does. Tree surgeons are skilled in the use of contemporary tree surgery techniques and equipment.

Tree surgeons are highly trained and experienced in tree surgery, tree felling, tree removal, stump grinding, and tree pruning. We also provide a comprehensive tree report service. Tree surgeons are skilled with current tree surgery techniques and instruments. They may safely and effectively conduct tree surgery work as a result of this training.

Our tree surgery company is dedicated to providing high-quality tree surgery services. All of our tree surgeons are fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of tree surgery, including tree felling, removal, stump grinding, pruning, and reports. We also offer a free quote service so that you can get an accurate estimate for the cost of our services. For more information on what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We Service the Christchurch Region of New Zealand

Christchurch Tree service was great to deal with from the start to finish. Highly recommend to anyone wanting a quality job done.


We used Arborist Christchurch to pull a massive tree out the back of our place that had been bothering us for years as we wanted to build a cabin there. Now we can! Thanks guys.


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